Friday, January 22, 2010

'Gimme an R, gimme an O......'

R  roller skates.  These will soon be your most prized possession.
O  obsessed.  As in you will be.
ladies only, sorry fellas.
L  lovely, lacy, racy lady knickers to wear under your skirt.
E  eight wheels Dollface.  Quad skates only thanks.
R  resurgence in popularity that roller derby is currently enjoying.  So come on, climb onto that  bandwagon!

death defying tricks on wheels that you will be outdoing your mates with.
everyone's doing it, so why don't you?
R  rules, learn the rules.
B  bruises, blood and banged knees.
Y yeah!   Its hella fun!

And in other news,
The Bunbury gals have their own shirts!  Thanks to the amazing efforts of our very own Miss D. Wrecked we have BRD singlets out and available for purchase, reasonably priced and you get that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing the money is going to a good cause-  Us. 

So much more appeal than your usual, "My friend went to Bunbury and all i got was something something"    t-shirt , no?  (yes it's true, everyone looks this good in our shirts)

The ladies from Funbury took another roadtrip to Freo and enjoyed a challenging session with Hot Wheels.  Our gals were very impressed, and felt they learnt a lot from the night.  Three Cheers for Hot Wheels!!!

We have also been gettin' serious and holding meetings.  Now we even have a committee!  

Open training sessions are still Sunday nights at The Rink in Halifax, 6.30pm, and we are still searching for refs- so pull your finger out....

love always, Princess Pine (Box).

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