Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This weekend, the Bunbury Gals took to the streets, in order to raise money for and awareness of the arrival of Roller Derby in Bunbury.  Anyone who says it was really an excuse to go boozin is misinformed.
As luck would have it the opening night of one of Bunbury's biggest art shows, "The Survey" was on the very same night as our pub crawl, err Fresh Meat Round Up.  The significance being that our very own Prez and Vice Prez, Scarlet Gash and Miss D. Wreckted had pieces in the show.
 'Wow amazing skaters and talented artists'?     
yep that's right we, at Bunbury Roller Derby are soooooooooo very clever.

OH-KAY, so after supporting our very spesh Gash and D.Wreckted at the gallery (in costume i might add-  boy that got their attention) we sauntered over to our first venue of the evening, 'The Prince'. And so began the festivities.  By which i mean, the systematic terrorisation of Bunbury. 
No one was safe, except maybe the two guys holdin up one end of the bar. When you can't focus on the tin  being waved in your face, your money is better spent on a taxi ride home.  We'll forgive you guys.  It's ok, because, even without your help we did manage to raise

Yay Team!!!!!
Of course we didn't achieve this all by ourselves.  Many thanks must go to the city of Bunvegas, the unsuspecting, happy revellers, American tourists, cool barmaids (missed you on Sunday night Sarah), cool dad who gave us money 'cos his daughter plays derby in Smelbourne, and the guys that tagged along with us because 'they dig derby chicks'.  And to the bitch face, cranky ass barmaid, working at a bar that shall remain nameless;

 $850- suck on that.
and get a life.

Special, Special mention to our spunky official team photographer, Mr Sum Assault.  You know who you are, thanks for making us look good.  What a talent!!!!

We did all this without loosing the tins, or getting smacked in the face for our obnoxious efforts.
Hooray for Bunno, and we're sorry about the hundreds of flyers scattered all over the metropolis.  Really.

Clock Lobster, Rock Cobster, Bob Rockstar?

And in other news.......
The Bunbury gals have been spreadin the love, finding fans in the Chiko Rollers, their derby sisters all the way over there in Bendigo.  One very lucky gal with good taste is now the proud owner of a BRD singlet (yes the ones that make you look hot).  Guess she won't hafta worry about running into someone wearing the same shirt - phew!  We all know how embarrassing that can be.

We are organising another training session with the famous Hot Wheels.  This time it'll be a marathon, 5 hour event.  Holy Shit!

Our appearances in the paper are becoming more and more frequent.  Hooray for the media!

Look out for our appearance at the ECU orientation day at the Bunbury Campus, Wednesday 17th Feb.

All registration forms for WARD, Skate Australia and The Rink need to be in asap.  Like yesterday.

We probably won't spend all that lovely money on beer and porn.  We will put some toward serious, important stuff too.  Promise.

Yay Roller Derby!

love always Princess Pine (Box)

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  1. You rock pinebox! With those writing skills you should work for a newspaper!!! Ha ha.